Upgrade your downhill bike to a 7 speed DH specific drivetrain. 

Get the major benefits of X01DH for a fraction of the cost. OneUp Components' DH Block converts a 9,10 or 11 speed mountain cassette to a 6 or 7 speed downhill cassette, with integrated spoke protector and 2 tooth jumps through the majority of the cassette. Get faster, more responsive shifting; no more multiple shifts to find the right gear. Not recommended for use with close ratio 10 speed road cassettes.

Shift Less Whip More


SRAM: X01DH is great, but who want's to spend $300 on a cassette and have to upgrade to an XD driver? Buy a DH Block and a new SLX 11-36 mtn cassette and you have an 11-24T X01DH compatible 7 speed cassette for less than $100!  

SHIMANO: Converting a 10 speed Shimano DH groupset to 7 speeds lets you take advantage of the great value Zee rear derailleur and shifter. Another plus, the Shimano Shadow+ Saint and Zee derailleur designs are much lower profile than X01DH and less vulnerable to trail strikes.



  • 9 speed mountain cassettes convert to 6 speed DH
  • 10/11 speed mountain cassettes convert to 7 speed DH.
  • 2 tooth jumps through the majority of the cassette with 11-36T base cassette
  • 11-25 to 11-21 range depending on base cassette
  • Weight savings between 14g and 32g  savings depend on mtb cassette
  • Shift through your entire cassette in only 2 shifts
  • Weighs just 40g
  • Colours, green or black 



    See guide for details



    With your new DH Block fully assembled and installed on your bike.
    Standard setup (See compatibility guide for full list)
    1. Ensure the high limit screw and cable tension is correct
    2. Turn the low limit screw in until the shifter can no longer shift into the 8th position
    Alternate Setup (See compatibility guide for full list)
    1. Untighten the RD cable clamp and completely release all cable tension.
    2. With a chain installed adjust your High limit, so that the upper pulley wheel is directly beneath the smallest sprocket.
    3. You cannot use the Low limit screw to set a Low limit position for your RD. You must rely on the shifter position.
    4. Shift into the 3rd shifter position, wind the barrel adjuster on your shifter fully in (clockwise), then wind it out 2 full turns (anticlockwise). Now tighten the cable clamp on you RD and adjust your cable tension as you would normally.


    Please Note: This product was designed primarily for 10 spd Shimano and SRAM X01 DH. Because of the low limit screw geometry on 10spd SRAM and all 9spd setups, you will need to use our alternate setup. This setup leaves an additional 3 clicks remaining on the shifter when in the highest gear (11T).

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