OneUp Components Price Guarantee Policy

OneUp Components Price Guarantee Policy


The Price Guarantee outlined herein is exclusively applicable to transactions conducted through OneUp Components' official website -

Price Adjustment Window:

In the event of a price reduction within 14 days after the original purchase date, customers are entitled to a fixed value discount equal to the difference between the original purchase price and the newly adjusted sale price. This entitlement is fulfilled through the issuance of a unique discount code.

Discount Code Parameters:

The discount code, the mechanism for entitlement, is valid for a single use on any subsequent purchase of any product for three months from its issuance. Importantly, it is non-transferrable and can be redeemed only once.


For example, if an order is completed with a value of $300 and one item in that order, priced at $50, is subsequently discounted by 20% within 14 days, the customer will receive a discount code. The value of the discount code will be based on the difference between the original price of each discounted item and its new adjusted sale price. In this case, the discount code issued would be valued at $10, representing the reduction in price for the specific item that went on sale. If every item in the $300 order was discounted 20%, then the discount code issued would be valued at for $60.

Additional Rules:

  1. Discounted Products Exclusion:

    • If you bought something at a discount and that product then gets discounted further you are not entitled to any sort of compensation or further discount. Thus, the pricing policy should only be for products purchased at full retail MSRP.

  2. Flash Sales Exemption:

    • The price policy does not apply to "flash sales" - sales that last less than 48 hours.

Claims Procedure:

To initiate a claim, customers must promptly contact OneUp Components' Customer Support team within the 14-day price modification window via email at with the subject line "Price Guarantee Request." The email should include the order number and the product name subject to the price adjustment.

Adjudication Process:

The Customer Support team will review the claim and, upon approval, issue a unique discount code via email reflecting the approved price variance. Approval criteria are based on a fair evaluation of the claim and adherence to the policy conditions.

Policy Conditions:

It is crucial to note that the lower price for comparison must be prominently advertised on OneUp Components' official website. Prices on auction platforms, classified ads, or clearance events by other retailers are not eligible.

Discretionary Authority:

This Policy is subject to modification or termination at the discretion of OneUp Components. Approved claims will be honored based on the terms at the time of the original transaction.

Timeline for Claims Processing:

OneUp Components is committed to expeditiously processing claims. While customers can generally expect a response from the Customer Support team within 7 business days, it is acknowledged that this timeline is an estimate and is subject to change. OneUp Components cannot be held liable for claims that take longer than the anticipated timeframe.


In embodying the principles of this Price Guarantee Policy, OneUp Components aims to uphold its commitment to delivering excellent products and services. For queries or assistance, customers are encouraged to contact the Customer Support team at