V2 Dropper Post

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V2 Dropper Post

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A longer dropper post is one of the best upgrades you can make to your bike. Simply put, the award-winning OneUp Dropper Post is the longest travel dropper you can fit in your bike. 

Product Specs

Drop: 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, 240mm adjustable*

Stack Height: 33mm (Compressed | All Posts)

Diameters: 30.9, 31.6, 34.9


  • 30.9 - 90mm 377g / 120mm 435g / 150mm 480g / 180mm 525g / 210mm 570g / 240mm 648g
  • 31.6 - 90mm 430g / 120mm 450g / 150mm 500g / 180mm 545g / 210mm 590g / 240mm 668g
  • 34.9 - 120mm 545g / 150mm 605g / 180mm 660g / 210mm 710g / 240mm 812g

*Travel reducing shims, reduce travel by 10mm or 20mm (included)

Exploded view and small parts list

View full dimensions chart

What's in the Box
  • Dropper Post
  • 1x cable barrel end
  • 1x packet of light suspension grease
  • 2x sets of 10mm travel reducing shims

*Dropper remote kit (includes cable & housing), bar clamps, and additional colored remote thumb pads all sold separately.

Things you Should Know
  • 2-year warranty
  • Remote available in MMX, I-SPEC EV, I-SPEC II and 22.2 bar clamp options
  • Proven reliability
  • Easy to install, maintain and service at home
  • Designed to work best with OneUp Remote (compatible with most actuated cable remotes)

Seatpost Diameter:30.9mm
Dropper Post Travel:240mm
In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours.

Get the Most Drop.

Our dropper has the most drop, shortest stack height and shortest total length of any other post on the market. No other dropper can get your saddle lower. Use our Dropper Post Length Selector to find your perfect post.

Adjustable Travel.

Bikes and riders come in all sizes, so do OneUp droppers. That’s why we offer the widest range of dropper post lengths on the market from 70mm to 240mm. Every post can have its travel decreased by up to 20mm, in 10mm increments.

The People's Champ.

Smooth, reliable and a great value. There’s more than one reason testers, reviewers, racers and riders consistently rate our Dropper Post “#1”, “5-Stars” and “10/10.”


Bike Radar

Proven to be exceptionally reliable.


The OneUp dropper post is hard to beat.

MBR | Mountain BIke Rider

One of the best and easily deserves top marks.

Vital MTB

Consistent, flawless performance.


What size of dropper post will fit my bike?

Every rider is different, with different frames and rider inseams, etc. Your best bet is to use our Dropper Post Length Selector. You will need: Your current ride height, the distance from the top of the seat post collar to the middle of your saddle rails. Maximum Frame Insertion measurement. You can find this by inserting a rigid post or tape measure into your frame until it hits an obstruction. Simply plug those into the calculator and we'll give you our recommendation of dropper length based on those measurements.

Will this post be compatible with my existing dropper remote?

If your dropper remote is cable clamping (has a bolt to clamp the cable) then yes, it is compatible with our dropper. If your remote does not have a cable clamp bolt, you can purchase the Dropper cable/nut kit. It comes with a cable bushing that can clamp a cable. With this you can set up any none cable clamping remote.

Are the seat clamps compatible with oval carbon rails?

Yes, our seat clamps are fully compatible with 7x9mm & 7x10mm carbon seat rails.

The actuator doesn't line up front to back, can I change the orientation of the dropper actuator?

The orientation of the actuator is dependant on the threads in the lower tube. This means the actuator orientation, once tightened up, is arbitrary and different on every post. The actuator orientation cannot be changed without rotating the lower tube on the guide pins.

Do you sell replacement upper or lower tubes?

We do not have upper and lower tubes available as single items.

Why is my post slow to extend when I actuate it?

There can be a few different reasons for slow dropper extension. The first checks should always be:

  1. Check seat collar is torqued no higher than 4Nm.
  2. Check post is inflated to 250-300psi in the fully extended position.
  3. Check the cable tension is correct and the cable is not kinked, binding or sluggish.
  4. Check the upper bushing is properly greased and there is no evidence of excessive wear. If your posts continues to extend slowly then please email us at support@oneupcomponents.com and we will help resolve your situation.
Can I change just the lower tube to make my current dropper fit my new bike?

Unfortunately, we do not have lower tubes available for sale.

What grease should I use to service my post?

OneUp droppers should be serviced using a light suspension grease. All droppers come with a small packet of Slickoleum, but any light suspension grease will do the trick. We do not recommend any lubes, including fork boost on our droppers.

I can rotate my seat side to side, is this normal?

Yes, some rotational movement is normal in the our dropper posts. With so many different frames, clamps, tolerances, and ride heights it's not possible to ship play-free, without running the risk of binding, as all dropper posts require keyway clearance. This small amount of movement, although noticeable in the stand, with not be perceivable while riding. If you are finding you have more movement that preferred, or additional movement is developing over time we have the Oversized pin kit to tune this movement out of you post. Most setups do not require the additional spacing of the oversized pins, but we can definitely provide them if required. Please email support@oneupcomponents.com for assistance.

How regularly should I service my dropper post?

It is recommended to do a upper bushing clean and grease every 25hrs or riding, a clean and grease service every 75-100hrs of riding, and a full rebuild every 250-350hrs of riding.


V2 Dropper Cartridge Replacement Instructions
V2 Dropper Cartridge Replacement Instructions


V2 Dropper Quick Grease Instructions
V2 Dropper Quick Grease Instructions


V2 Dropper Oversized Pin Replacement
V2 Dropper Oversized Pin Replacement


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