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POV Can a Pro Mountain Biker pass 6 riders on their local trail?

We challenged our team rider Richie Rude, a 3 x World Champion Pro Mountain Biker to a race down one of our local trails.

Can a Pro Mountain Biker pass 6 riders on their local trail?

We challenged our team rider Richie Rude, a 3 x World Champion Pro Mountain Biker to a race down one of our local trails.

HECTIC feat. MTB Pro Kasper Woolley

[ hek-tik ] adjective Characterized by intense agitation, excitement, confused and rapid movement. A short mountain biking video featuring OneUp Components EWS pro racer and Squamish local, Kasper Woolley.

Time & Tide

A muddy winter mountain bike ride featuring Hazzard Racing riders Joe Barnes and Lachlan Blair. Shot on their hand-built trail on one of the wettest days of 2019 in Fort William, Scotland.


Kasper Woolley is a 21-year-old Enduro racer from Squamish, BC. Here's 1 minute and 34 seconds of him riding ridiculously fast. All shot in Squamish in June 2020.

BIG WILD. A Squamish Trail Building Project

A short story documenting Matt Bolton's covid trail building project in the Squamish backcountry.

Thomas Vanderham Blasting Blues

Espresso and John Deere are two of North Vancouver's most popular trails. But these blue flow lines are far from its gnarliest. So it was surprising...

Good Vibes

OneUp celebrates International Women's Day with donuts and party laps in our hometown of Squamish, BC.

The OneUp Self-Riding Mountain Bike

OneUp EDC Tools put everything you need to fix your bike, inside your bike.

Team Trip 2022

Nine minutes of Richie Rude, Thomas Vanderham, Kasper Woolley, Miranda Miller, and Braedyn Kozman absolutely blasting at Big White Bike Park.

OneUp Components Dropper Post Explained.

A longer dropper post is one of the best upgrades you can make to your bike, and OneUp Dropper Posts are the longest travel droppers you can fit on your bike.

OneUp Components EDC Tool Explained

The 20-function OneUp EDC Tool is a portable toolkit that fits in your bike. This video explains all the functionality and shows you how to use the EDC Tool on your bike.

OneUp Components EDC Tool Storage Explained

There are five ways to carry EDC Tools on your bike, including two sizes of pump and three steer tube storage options. This video shows all the options and...

OneUp Components Handlebars Explained

The OneUp Carbon Handlebar's patented oval design lets them absorb vibrations from the trail. This reduces fatigue and lets you ride harder for longer...

OneUp Components Flat Pedals Explained

A slightly convex shape to support your foot. Grippy, replaceable pins for grip. And an ultra-thin profile to reduce rock strikes. Get a closer look at what...

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How to Lubricate your OneUp Components V1 Dropper Post

The whole process should take between 10-15 minutes. Things you'll need are: 15mm Wrench, 2mm Allen Key, Light Grease (like Slickoleum), Wooden Dowel or a...

Thomas Vanderham - Trail Bike Boss

Thomas Vanderham returns to the Nicola Valley in this trail bike masterclass. Don't miss the crazy whip save. Thomas is riding the OneUp Components Carbon...

OneUp Component Dropper Post Travel Adjust Shim Install

Here's how to quickly reduce the travel of your OneUp Dropper post by 10mm or 20mm. Find out more at

How the OneUp EDC Stem Preloader works

The EDC Stem can be used with an integrated Preloader to tighten your headset without the need for a star nut. This frees up your steerer tube to hold the EDC tool...

Jesse Melamed X OneUp

Check out Whistler Wildman and OneUp team rider Jesse Melamed ripping our favorite Sunshine Coast loamers. They say shredits are dead, but we don't care...

Richie Rude - Squamish

Richie is a man of few words, so we'll let his riding do the talking. Enjoy. Cheers, OneUp. "The Rude boy train is comin' now" Desmond Dekker...

Remi Gauvin - Class V Rapid

Dry your eyes, wet your feet and get stoked for winter riding. The rainy season is coming and the hero dirt in Squamish is about to get greasy. Check out local...

How to Grease your OneUp Components V1 Dropper Post Upper Bushing

This should take 5 mins or less and can be done with your Dropper Post on your bike. No tools are needed. We recommend Slickoleum Grease, Slick Honey, Sram Butter...

Richie Rude - Heavy Flow

The day after Richie Rude narrowly missed out on a podium at the 2018 Whistler EWS we dragged him out for a hot lap recap on Stage 4 - Heavy Flow to Hind Sight to...

OneUp Components EDC Tubeless Plug (Fix a tubeless flat in under a minute)

Here's how to fix a tubeless flat in under a minute with the OneUp EDC Tubeless Plug (Jabber). If you're racing this could save your day. 1. Install...

OneUp Components Dropper Post Shim Install

Don’t get stuck between dropper sizes. The unique OneUp travel adjust shims allow you to custom tune your post by lowering the travel and extended length of...

Flow Down, Speed Up - Remi Gauvin

It's been a long hot summer here in BC. Record numbers of forest fires have had us praying for rain and fall can't come soon enough. Check out OneUp team rider...

Alu Pedal Rebuild

This is "Alu Pedal Rebuild" by OneUp Components

OneUp Components Everyday Carry (EDC) Top Cap Install

To install the EDC tool in your steerer, remove your old star-nut and thread the top of your steerer tube. This might sound daunting, but we've made it easy...

OneUp Components EDC (Everyday Carry) - All The Trailside Tools You Need.

All the trailside tools you need, always on your bike and instantly accessible. Given the choice, we’d always prefer to ride without a backpack. But no...

OneUp Components EDC Installation Instructions

This is "OneUp Components EDC Installation Instructions" by OneUp Components

OneUp Components Flat Pedals - 4K

Jacob Murray & Sid Slotegraaf test out the new OneUp Components flat pedals in Squamish, BC. Filmed in glorious 4K.

EDC Top Cap Install Video

This is "EDC Top Cap Install Video" by OneUp Components

Switch Chainring Change

"Rings can be replaced in less than a minute with only a 4mm allen key, without removing your crank. Simply loosen the bolts 2 turns, unlock the ring by rotating…"

SWITCH - A quick-change direct mount chainring system.

"Switch was developed to reduce the cost of replacement chainrings, increase compatibility with new offsets and to make the process of changing a chainring much faster…"

Richie Rude's POV Angry Midget KOM Run

"Jump on board with two-time Enduro World Series Champ Richie Rude as he smashes the KOM on Angry Midget in Squamish, BC."

Richie Rude Gets Angry

"Last time Richie Rude came to Squamish we challenged him to take the KOM on Angry Midget, one of our favourite local trails."

OneUp 3rd Year Anniversary

This is "OneUp 3rd Year Anniversary" by OneUp Components

Gratuitous Slowmo

"Check out Sid Slotegraaf shredding trails around the OneUp HQ in Squamish, captured in 1,500 frames per second of gratuitous slowmo. Hate slowmo? This ones not…"

The Drop Tower of Destruction

"The OneUp Bash Guide was developed to provide class leading strength and protection for your crankset from the worst the trail can throw at you. We're not going…"

Longest Day 2016

"Join us for a flyby of the route from our 5th annual longest day ride in the Sea-to-Sky. This year we pedaled from Pemberton to Squamish hitting some of the best…"

OneUp Components Chain Guide range

This is "OneUp Components Chain Guide range" by OneUp Components.

Squamish Shark Attack

"Sid Slotegraaf shows Ricky Federau, Canadian XC world cup veteran around some of Squamish's finest trails. ""Go fast and pull up!"" #SharkAttack #10-50T…"

OneUp Components Bash Guide

Features spin video

"Quality Time"

"Life's too short to waste it in movie theatres, bad restaurants and shitty malls. Quality time is what you make of it. The wilderness is just a pedal away.…"

Coast Gravity in D Minor with Remy Métailler

"Remy takes to the sky of the Coast Gravity Park in a symphony of scrubs and whips. DH Block ($45 USD) - Upgrade your downhill bike to a 7-speed DH specific drivetrain…"

Taking Pemberton By Storm with James Doerfling & Sid Slotegraaf

"OneUp Components team mates James Doerfling and Sid Slotegraaf tear up the trails in Pemberton, BC. OneUp Components is a small team…"

OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05) Install Video

"OneUp Components Chainguide ISCG-05 Install Video. The install is quick and easy with no need to remove your cranks. Perfect chainline setup is a breeze using…"

OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05) Features Video

"OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05) Eliminate dropped chains forever and more than double your chainring life with the new OneUp Components Chainguide. At…"

Fairweather - James Doerfling

"Squamish BC, 19/20th March 2015. ""CLIMATE - Squamish is one of the wettest inhabited locations in Canada, with nearly 2,400 millimetres (94 in) of rainfall…"""

Shift Less, Whip More

OneUp Components DH Block

"OneUp Components 42T Sprocket Install Video. Part 2 Tuning Your Rear Derailleur"

"An instructional video showing how to tune your rear derailleur after fitting a OneUp components 42T sprocket to a 10-speed mountain bike"

"OneUp Components 42T Sprocket Install Video. Part 1 Installing your 42T on Vimeo"

"An instructional video showing how to tune your fit a OneUp components 42T sprocket"

OneUp Components 42T Teaser

This is "OneUp Components 42T Teaser" by OneUp Components.