Switch Carrier & Chainring Install

Things You Will Need

  • 4mm Hex Key
  • 5mm Hex Key & TL-FC16 (For Shimano crank removal)
  • 8mm Hex Key (For SRAM & CINCH crank removal)
  • Grease
  • Cloth or grease

Assembly time, approximately 10-15 minutes. Difficulty: Easy.

Although the concept remains the same, the tools required to mount the Carrier will differ depending on the Direct mount interface standard of your Crank. See below for your specific crank.


Align the small bump on the edge of the carrier with your crank arm.

Shimano DM: Use TL-FC41 & TL-FC32 and tighten carrier to 35-50Nm.

Sram DM: Use T25 Torx key and tighten the three mounting bolts to 8-9Nm.

RaceFace Cinch DM: Use a Cinch Lock Ring Tool or Park Tool BBT-22 and tighten lockring to 40Nm.


Using a 4mm Hex Key, turn the switch ring mounting bolts clockwise to loosen the bolts. You do not need to fully remove them. Back each bolt off enough that the flanges of the switch ring can fit between the bolt head and the switch carrier.


Align the small bump on the switch ring with the small bump on the carrier. Place the ring onto the loose bolts. 


Using a 4mm Hex key, turn the switch ring mounting bolts counter-clockwise to tighten them. With the hex key fully engaged, torque each bolt to 8Nm.