EDC Threaded Top Cap Install Instructions

Things You Will Need

  • EDC multi tool or Park Tool FR-5.2
  • Grease
  • Rag
  • 4 or 5mm Hex tool for Stem bolts

Assembly time, approximately 10 minutes. Difficulty: Easy.

Note: The EDC Tap kit includes a star nut puller and self aligning tap. This process needs to be completed properly before installing your new threaded top cap. If you havent completed this step please check out the Tap instructions.

Step 1:

You need a minimum of 5mm of headset spacer above the stem and your steerer tube should be 1-2mm below the top of this spacer.

Step 2:

Apply a small amount of grease to your newly cut thread and screw in your new EDC top cap.

Step 3:

The Top Cap interface uses a standard cassette lockring tool. You do not need to apply much torque as you are only preloading the bearings. (Your stem pinch bolts are what holds your fork in place). The EDC multitool contains a top cap tightening tool. So even when riding you always have the ability to tighten your headset if need be.

Step 4:

Align your stem and tighten your stem bolts to the manufacturers recommended torque.

Step 5:

The final step is to insert the plastic bung/plug into the bottom of your fork. Turn your 8mm hex sideways and use it to push the plug into the fork by pulling the 8mm towards your chest. This piece holds the bottom of the EDC Tool and stops it from rattling. It also keeps dirt out of your fork and has a small drain hole.