V3 Dropper Cartridge Recycling Process

Tools Needed

  • Safety glasses & gloves
  • 5mm hex key
  • 6mm hex key
  • Pliers, Vice Grips, or Bench Vice
  • Used oil receptacle 

This cartridge is 98% aluminium. Once the air pressure and mineral oil is drained from it, it can be recycled Aluminium or mixed metal depending on your local recycling facility regulations. 

Please Note: In this process you will be releasing pressurized gas and draining mineral oil. It is not an excessive or dramatic release of gas, however it is still recommended you wear safety glasses for this process. Rubber gloves are also recommended while handling mineral oil.


STEP 1: Extend cartridge

Press the pushrod to fully extend cartridge while cartridge body is facing upward. You can do this by hand, or push it off a hard surface like a bench.



STEP 2: Remove top bolt

Grip top 10mm of cylinder with your pliers, vise grips or a bench vise. Using your 5mm hex key, unthread the top bolt counter clockwise from the body of the cartridge. That top bolt can be set aside for recycling.



STEP 3: Install piercing bolt

A piercing bolt will come with your new cartridge. Take the piercing bolt and thread it clockwise into the top of the cartridge. You can thread this piercing bolt in until it is snug on the cartridge body. 



STEP 4: Release pressure

Pointing the cartridge away from yourself, turn the piercing bolt counter clockwise a half turn to loosen and allow gas to escape from the cartridge. Once the gas has been removed, remove piercing bolt. 



STEP 5: Drain Cartridge 

Pointing the top of the cartridge down over your used oil receptacle, push the cartridge rod into cartridge body to remove mineral oil. The mineral oil will drain out of the hole you created in the previous step.



STEP 6: Recycle Cartridge

Recycle the empty Cartridge & top bolt as 98% aluminum or mixed metal depending on what your local facilities allow. The mineral oil can be mixed with brake oil or any similar oil and brought to your local used oil facilities.

Your city or town website will typically have the facilities listed. Please take the time to find these facilities in your area.


Congratulations,  you have now successfully completed the V3 dropper cartridge recycling process!

If you are having any problems please first double check that you have correctly completed each of the above steps. 

If you are still having trouble please email us at support@oneupcomponents.com for help.  Please include a detailed description of your issue.  Photos are helpful.