OneUp Announces New 240mm & 90mm Dropper Posts

Little meet large.

OneUp has added two new options into their dropper post lineup - a 240mm post and a 90mm post. When combined with the 20mm of travel reduction that's possible via shims, it means there’s a OneUp Dropper option available in 10mm increments from 70mm up to 240mm of drop. The 90mm post is there to cater to XS bikes, kids bikes and gravel bikes, as well as bikes that have interrupted seat tubes that inhibit more traditional, longer posts.

The 90mm post is priced at $199.50 USD, the 240mm is $229.50, and the Remote is $59.50. Their weights, in 30.9mm diameter, are 435g and 570g for the 90 and 240mm options respectively. The Remote weighs 41g. The 240mm post is available now via their website and the 90mm drop will be available later this summer.

All posts share the same removable and replaceable sealed cartridge, which sells for $60 USD should you ever need to replace it and a two-year warranty. If you're unsure of how to maximize your post-drop you can use the guide on OneUp's website.

The 240mm brings large amount of drop, which should help taller riders.
We've asked our gravel expert Mike Levy about putting them one on his bike, and whether or not it's suitable, but for now you'll have to make do with more drop options for XS and kids bikes.

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but when it comes to dropper seat posts a larger amount of travel tends to make for a better ride. Concerns about weight to one side, there aren't really any drawbacks to having a generous helping of drop.

We are of course limited by factors such as our own leg length and the bike that we ride when we choose our seat posts. When going for longer drop we can also have the issue of the saddle height being too high and full extension. There is also the added complication that as our posts get longer there is also more flex going through them. This is exacerbated when run with a slacker seat tube or taller, heavier riders putting more stress through the post.

OneUp has been tackling the first two of these issues with previous generations of their Dropper Post. The post has, they claim, the shortest stack heigh and the shortest total length of any post with the same travel. They also offer small 10mm shims to fine-tune the amount of travel to your need, with the reduce the amount of travel by 20mm.

Changing the travel is easy and tool-free. The shims are provided with the post.

The 240mm post comes with slightly different bushes, which ensure more overlap and a stiffer post. This is needed due to the larger extension and subsequent increase in leverage.

The last issue, which is particularly relevant as the new post goes all the way up to 240mm of stroke, is the problem of flex. They address this by having increased bushing overlap to help keep the post stiff even when loaded and at full extension.

At 183cm, or six foot, I can just about fit 240mm of travel on my 120mm, low slung bike without needing to shim it down. I'm looking forward to seeing how the extra drop affects my riding, as well as its long term durability.

There aims to be something for everyone.

The whole family of OneUp posts now covers 150mm of difference, from 90 to 240mm.