OneUp Announces New Small Composite Pedal

Press Release: OneUp Components

The Small Composite Pedal is a grippy, great-value pedal for any rider with smaller feet.

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Ride pedals that fit your feet!

The Small Composite Pedal has all the features of our Composite Pedal in a smaller platform. We recommend the small pedal for riders with a shoe size up to US Women’s 8 or US Men’s 6.5. The platform is 97.5mm x 92mm compared to the regular Composite Pedal which is 115mm x 105mm.

Adjustable pins.

Great for kids. The pedals have 7 steel pins per side and come with our new Friendly Pins installed. These pins let you increase pedal grip as skill and confidence grow.

The Friendly Pin is a smooth steel nut that covers a regular threaded pedal pin (the same pins found on our full size Composite Pedal). For more grip, you can replace the Friendly Pin with the shorter nut provided, which leaves the threaded pin exposed. More experienced riders with smaller feet may want to run the threaded pins right away.

OneUp Small Composite Pedal Photo Sterling Lorence
Our test rider, Mel, wears a size 6 US Women’s shoe and rides the Small Comp Pedal with threaded pins.

Specs and pricing.

Weight: 330g
Platform Size: 97.5mm x 92mm
Pedal thickness: 18mm
Pins: 7 per side
Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Turquoise
Body Material: Nylon Composite

Pricing: $49.50 USD / $64.50 CAD / £49.50 GBP / € 59.50 EU

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OneUp Components, Squamish, BC.