V1 Dropper Post Service Instructions

Tools You Will Need
  • Waterproof grease (ie. Slickoleum, Slick Honey, Wet Seal, Silicon Shine, etc.) toothbrush, and cloth
  • rubbing alcohol
  • 2 mm hex
  • 15 mm wrench/spanner

Assembly time, approximately 20 minutes. Difficulty: Easy-Medium.


Step 1: Unscrew the post collar

  • Unscrew by hand and slide it up towards the seatpost head.
Step 2: Unscrew green actuator
  • Using a 15mm spanner or crescent wrench, unscrew the bottom green actuator using the flats.

Step 3: Remove actuator pins

  • Use a 2mm hex to completely remove the actuator securing pins.

Step 4: Remove the lower assembly

  • Slide the actuator, rubber washer and foam washers off of shaft.

Step 5: Remove the lower post

  • Clean lower post with a lint free shop rag.
  • Clean the upper stanchion and inside of the lower body of the post with rubbing alcohol.
  • Remove all old grease.
Step 6: Apply grease
  • Using a toothbrush apply grease to the area around the brass keys, the bushings of the upper assembly and inside the outer post body.
Step 7: Reassemble upper and lowers together
  • Aligning the brass keys with machined grooves in the lower post.
  • Make sure to align the one key on the inner white sleeve bushings with the center groove of the lower post.

Step 8: Reassemble lower assembly
  • Slide foam washers, rubber washer and lower assembly over grey colored tip of the lower shaft.
Step 9: Reassemble the actuator
  • Ensure the small black washer is reassembled into the actuator and flat before the silver cap.Slide the actuator over the end of the grey lower shaft.
  • Install the thru-bolts making sure they slide through the grooves of the grey tip of the lower shaft.
  • Tighten the actuator securing pins using 2mm hex hand tight.

Step 10: Secure lower actuator

  • Thread the lower actuator assembly into the lower post body
  • Use a spanner/ 15 mm wrench to tighten by hand.
Step 11: Secure post collar
  • Compress the post 50mm and then seat the bushing into the top of the post until only the top rib is showing.
  • Reinstall the seat post collar and tighten by hand.

Step 12: Reattach and go ride your bike.