Amy Ertell

Amy Ertell

Born and raised in Whistler BC, Amy started riding at a young age. Amy races the BC Cup circuit and Crankworx events with her sights set on taking on the Crankworx World Tour and Red Bull Formation. When she’s not riding bikes, Amy shreds on skis and works as a nurse.

Freeride & DH

Preferred Reach:


Preferred Wheelsize:
Mullet | MX (29/27.5)

Q & A

Favourite place to ride?
Revelstoke, BC.

How did you get into riding?
My dad has been into mountain biking since it first started, he’s always been so passionate about it. It was natural for me to get involved in riding, it is an activity we get to do together.

Favourite trail of all time?
Ditch Pig

Favourite rider to watch?
Emma Olofsson.

Favourite food / colour / movie?
Sushi / Green / Talladega Nights

What are you into outside of bikes?
Skiing, catan, knitting.

Scariest riding moment of all time?
Probably a late afternoon lap on Hey Bud and breaking my wrist.

Favourite OneUp product and why?
35mm carbon bars. Most comfortable bar I’ve ever ridden.

If you're put on the spot and have to tell a story, what is the story you tell?
Probably some gross nursing story.

Favourite trick, to do or to see done?
I love to see a nice floaty 3.

Who would you be if you could be any non-mountain bike athlete?
Any pro halfpipe skier.

Air or coil shock?
Air for enduro, coil for freeride/DH.