Will this system work for my bike?

The OneUp adapter sprocket is compatible with most 10 speed mountain setups running an 11-36T or 12-36T cassettes

Shimano Alivio (CS-HG50-10), Deore (CS-HG62-10) and SRAM XX (XG-1099) cassettes are not compatible with the OneUp adapter sprocket.  In these cases the purchase of a compatible cassette will also be necessary.   

Shimano SLX (CS-HG81-10) and SRAM X0 (XG-1080) require special instructions located here but can be used


What cassettes are compatible with the OneUp Adapter?

 Shimano SRAM
  • X5 (PG-1030 11-36)
  • XT (CS-M771-10 11-36)
  • X7 (PG-1050 11-36 / 12-36)
  • XTR (M980 11-36)
  • X9 (PG-1070 11-36 / 12-36)


Only cassettes listed above are compatible with the OneUp adapter sprocket


What rear derailleurs  are compatible with the 42T OneUp Sprocket?

The OneUp 42T sprocket is compatible with most medium or long cage 10 speed mountain rear derailleurs. We recommend any SRAM Type 2 or Shimano Shadow+ (clutch) with the addition of our RAD or RADr cages.  SRAM XX 10 speed is not compatible. As with any cassette you need to check that your rear derailleur has enough capacity.

Rear derailleur capacity = (largest rear cog – smallest rear cog) + (largest front chainring – smallest front chain ring)


Here are two examples:

1.  For someone running a 1X system with a 32T front chainring and an 11-42T rear cassette:

(42-11)+(32-32)=31T capacity

2.  For someone running a 2X system with 40/28 front chainrings and an 11-42T rear cassette:

(42-11)+(40-28)=43T capacity

Medium cage deraileurs can typically handle 37T (Shimano) 39T (SRAM) and long cage rear derailleurs can handle 43T (Shimano) 45T (SRAM).


What rear derailleurs are compatible with the 40T OneUp Sprocket?

The OneUp 40T sprocket is compatible with the same rear derailleurs mentioned above.  In addition, when used in a 1X system, the OneUp 40T sprocket is compatible with Zee FR and Saint (when set in FR mode) on bikes with 25mm or less suspension chain growth.  To check the chain growth of your suspension ask the manufacturer or follow the steps below

- Measure the distance between the rear axle and crank axle.  

- Deflate the rear shock and cycle the suspension to find and measure the spot in the travel where this distance is the longest

- The difference between these numbers is the chain growth of your suspension


What shifters and chains are compatible

The One Up Adapter Sprocket is compatible with any 10 speed mountain shifters and chains.


Can I use the OneUp Adapter Sprocket on a 1X10 setup?

Absolutely!  You’ll have the gears to power up the climbs that left you gasping, without giving up too much top end speed. We’d recommend you use a “narrow wide” chain ring for any 1x system for added awesomeness.

Can I use the OneUp Adapter Sprocket on a 2X10 setup?

Yes, typically you’ll need a long cage rear derailleur to use this setup.  You’ll want to double check that rear derailleur capacity.  For a SRAM RD you can get away with a 14T difference in front rings (like a 28/42) and for Shimano you can manage a 12T jump (like a 28/40).  


We don’t recommend using anything smaller than a 26T granny.  With the extra torque you’re making we wouldn't want you to damage your freehub pawls.

Can I use the OneUp Adapter Sprocket on a 3X10 setup?

No, but why would you want to?  That 28/42 combo we mentioned above will cover the entire range of  Shimano 24/32/42!  I bet that just made your day.)