Jackson Goldstone

Jackson Goldstone

Jackson was born and raised in Squamish, Canada, OneUp's hometown. Jackson lives less than five minutes from OneUp HQ and he’s already becoming a regular visitor. And while OneUp has been unofficially hooking him up with parts for years. It’s really special for us to finally have him on the team.


Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Santa Cruz V10 (Size: Medium)

OneUp Components:
Aluminum Handlebar
Direct Mount Stem

Preferred Wheelsize:
Mullet | MX (29/27.5)


Favourite place to ride?

It’s hard to beat the riding at home in Squamish. I’m always itching to come back and ride the tracks here.

How did you get into riding?

My dad got me a run bike when I was little and I never got off of it. But some big influences in my riding are Danny MacAskill and Brandon Semenuk.

Favourite trail of all time?

I'm sorry for being biased but there's one trail I built in Squamish with a few friends that ticks all the boxes for me. Almost every ride I go for, I end up on it at some point.

Favourite rider to watch?

Favourite rider to watch is Kade Edwards, also one of my favourite riders to ride with.

Favourite food / colour / movie?

Favourite food is pasta. Orange is my favourite colour. And after watching Oppenheimer, it’s a hard one to beat.

What are you into outside of bikes (cars, cooking, etc.)?

Outside of riding I've got a few hobbies. In the winter, I’m a big ski guy and it’s really nice living so close to Whistler. Summer time is golf. Not saying I’m really good at it but I’ve been having a lot of fun learning a new sport.

Scariest riding moment of all time?

It’s not often I get scared when I’m riding these days but back when I was younger my first attempt at a double backflip was pretty scary.

Favourite OneUp product and why?

I’m new to all of OneUp’s products so I haven’t tried everything yet but one thing I really felt at home with was the 35ml rise alloy bars. I ride a bit of a higher bar setup and it’s nice not having to run stem spacers.

If you're put on the spot and have to tell a story, what is the story you tell?

My personal favourite trick is a clean dumped 360. Not the hardest trick but I love doing them and it’s cool to see other riders do it differently.

Who would you be if you could be any non-mountain bike athlete?

If I could be a different athlete doing a different sport, I’d want to be Candide Thovex. Not everyone will know him but one of the best skiers I’ve ever seen in my life.

Air or coil shock?

Coil shock all day on every one of my bikes.