Nina Hoffmann

Nina Hoffmann

Nina started riding mountain bikes in 2015. In 2023, she finished second overall in the UCI Mountain Bike World SeriesWorld Cup. Nina’s ability to push and progress her riding is insane. She also holds a master’s degree in psychology, studying the effects of hypnotism on mountain bike athlete performance in a race scenario. The Hoff does not mess around.


Thuringia, Germany

Santa Cruz V10 (Size: Medium)

OneUp Components:
Aluminum Handlebar
Direct Mount Stem

Preferred Wheelsize:
Mullet | MX (29/27.5)


Favourite place to ride?

Loam trails at home

How did you get into riding?

My ex-boyfriend was a Mountainbike racer.

⁠Favourite trail of all time?

Too many good ones to pick one.

Favourite rider to watch?

Probably Laurie and Jacky together.

⁠Favourite food / colour / movie?

Big bowl of salad / Blue / Don’t watch many movies so no fav here

⁠What are you into outside of bikes (cars, cooking, etc.)?

All different types of sports, I like to motocross, skiing or snowboarding, volleyball, table tennis, etc. and I love to go food shopping 😹

Scariest riding moment of all time?

MSA race run finish jump 2023.

⁠Favourite OneUp product and why?

Aluminium handlebar, absorbs vibration really good.

⁠If you're put on the spot and have to tell a story, what is the story you tell?

About a little girl following her dream to reach the top spot in a male dominated sport.

Favourite trick, to do or to see done?

A proper whip is always the best.

Who would you be if you could be any non-mountain bike athlete?

Probably a javelin thrower 😹

Air or coil shock?