Remy Metailler

Remy Metailler

Born in Nice, France, Remy started riding bikes at 16. He moved to Whistler, BC in 2013 and built his career in DH racing and freeride. He has a unique, highly technical style and tries to open up new lines everywhere he rides. One of the first athletes we sponsored, we’re stoked to have Remy on board to push our components to the limit.

Freeride & Enduro

Preferred Reach:
450mm - 455mm

Height & Weight:
170cm & 142lbs

Preferred Wheelsize:
Mullet | MX (29/27.5)

Q & A

Favourite place to ride?
Sea to Sky.

How did you get into riding?
Watching videos about Downhill back in the 90s.

Favourite trail of all time?
Don't have one, anything that combines steepness, flow, gnarly features and epic dirt!

Favourite rider to watch?
Jason Anderson.

Favourite food / colour / movie?
French Cuisine / Black / Les Intoucheables.

What are you into outside of bikes?
Cooking, skiing, riding moto, surfing.

Scariest riding moment of all time?
That one time, my feet came out of my pedal before a gnarly drop...

Favourite OneUp product and why?
One Up 35mm bars. Perfect shape and comfort.

If you're put on the spot and have to tell a story, what is the story you tell?
How that one time OneUp put me on the spot and asked me to tell a story and nothing came to my mind.

Favourite trick, to do or to see done?
A scrub.

Who would you be if you could be any non-mountain bike athlete?
Danny MacAskill.

Air or coil shock?