OneUp Components Shark 10-50T Cassette Explained

Shark 10-50T: The widest range 11-speed 1X system we have ever created. A climb crushing, descent hammering, 500% of range. There is no longer any need to compromise gear range on a 1X system.


OneUp Shark is a set of modular upgrades for Shimano 11 speed mountain cassettes. It enables you to extend the range of your stock Shimano 11-42T cassette by as much as 31% by adding a 50T sprocket/high offset cage kit, a 10T cluster + MiniDriver freehub or both. Shark allows you to build the perfect cassette for the trails that you ride.

We created the worlds largest expander sprocket and a derailleur cage with 50% more offset than stock for flawless wider range shifting.  The Shark 50T Sprocket and Cage work seamlessly with standard Shimano 11-42 cassettes.  Finally we collaborated with Hope Technology on developing a non-proprietary, freehub body standard. This shortened version of a standard freehub accepts a 10T cluster for increased high range. Together these modular upgrades create the full Shark 10-50T cassette.


 Full assembly details are as follows.


Ride faster, higher and longer with a wider range cassette.