The award-winning EDC Tool is the original in-bike multi tool. EDC stands for Every Day Carry.

Whether you're going out for a quick lunch ride or setting off on an adventure the 20-function EDC Tool can fix any trailside mechanical. 

Why EDC?

Mechanicals happen. We developed the EDC system because we wanted to leave the pack at home and still be prepared for any trailside mechanical. Our EDC Tool system is designed to fit as many tools as possible into one compact tool, stored either in your stem or the EDC Pump. 

Who is it for?

EDC is for mountain bikers who want to be prepared in case of a mechanical issue on the trail. Also, because the EDC system is integrated to your bike or pump, it means you’ll never forget to grab your multitool. EDC means you have all the tools all the time. 

How to choose your EDC?

There are two ways to carry the EDC Tool: in your stem or in your pump. The EDC Pump lets you fix flats on the fly and carry the full 20-function EDC Tool in one compact unit. If you want total self-sufficiency on the trail, the Pump is the way to go. Stem storage is a simple, fully integrated range of tools that live in your bike. It’s popular with enduro athletes, experienced riders and beginners alike. 

Use our EDC Selector and find an EDC for the way you ride.

EDC Overview Videos

EDC Tool System Explained

The 20-function OneUp EDC Tool is a portable toolkit that fits in your bike. This video explains all the functionality and shows you how to use the EDC Tool on your bike.

EDC Tool Storage Explained

There are five ways to carry EDC Tools on your bike, including two sizes of pump and three steer tube storage options. This video shows all the options and their functionality.