Cutting OneUp Carbon Handlebars Instructions

Things You Will Need

  • Hacksaw
  • Saw guide (optional)
  • Carbon cutting blade (Recommended) or High Tooth per Inch (TPI) blade (24-32TPI saw blades are acceptable)
  • File or Emery stone

This process will take approximately 15 minutes. Difficulty: Easy, though care is required.

STEP 1: Selecting the Correct Saw Blade

Cutting your handlebars is a fairly easy task to complete. Selecting the correct tools for the job will improve the process and the end result. The most important thing to get right when cutting your handlebars is selecting the correct saw blade for the job. Hacksaws have a variety of saw blade grades separated by the amount of teeth the blade has: Course (14-18TPI) Medium (20-24TPI) Fine (24-32TPI) and a few specialty options. TPI stands for Teeth Per Inch. For the application of cutting handlebars:

  • When Cutting Aluminium bars, it is best to use a Fine (24-32TPI) blades. It is acceptable to use Medium (20-24TPI) blades.

  • When Cutting Carbon bars, it is best to use a specialty carbon cutting blade. It is also acceptable to use a Fine (24-32TPI) though it will increase the possibility of tear out.

  • It is not recommended to use anything below 24TPI on carbon as you will cause tear out.



STEP 2: Selecting the correct cut Line

Bar width is dependant on multiple factors: A rider's shoulder width, ride style, application, and most importantly personal preference. Our bars have a minimum width of 740mm. There are guide lines in increments of 5mm from 740mm-800mm on both ends of the bar. If you want to reduce your bar width from 800mm but your not sure what length to go to, best practice is to cut 5mm off both sides, ride it and see if you like it. If it stil feels too wide, take another 5mm off both sides and try it again. Continue to do this until you have found your preferred width. For reference, most trail riders currently run something between 760mm-780mm.



STEP 3: Preparing the Cut

Take your cutting guide and mount it in a vice. You can then mount your bar into the cutting guide. When doing this, ensure the cut line you have chosen lines up with the inner edge of your cutting guide. If you center the line in your cutting guide you will take a few extra millimeters off the bar.

Alternatively, if the bar is already mounted on the bike, you can simply mount the cutting guide to your bar. Positioning it the same way as just suggested.


STEP 4: Making the Cut

Now that the bar is mounted in the correct position in the guide you can begin you cut. Start your cut slowly. Hacksaws are designed to cut on the forward push and not on the pull back. So start by slowly pushing your hacksaw forward and down at roughly 10-15 degrees. Reduce your pressure for the pull back and repeat. This slight downward angle will help optimize you leading cut edge and reduce the possibility of tear out.


As you continue your cut it is important to stay consistent. Avoid frantic movement. Keep consistent and firm down pressure as you push forward and pull back with a lighter touch.


STEP 5: Clean Up the Cut

Now that you've completed the cut it is good practice to file/sand down the edges to smooth out the edges and remove any strands or burs remaining from the cutting process.

You can use either a fine file, emery paper, or a specific handlebar sanding stone to bevel the edge of the bar. You don't need to remove much material, just enough to make it smooth all the way around the bar diameter inside and out.


The end result should look something like this:


STEP 6: Repeat

Now that you've completed that process for one side. Repeat steps 2-5 on the other side of the bar. Be sure to select the same cut line as before, this is an easy thing to mix up. Once youve completed both sides you are good to go and install your new bar to your stem and install the controls. If this is a process you are unfamiliar with, please proceed to our Handlebar Install Instructions. If you are using the E-bars, please proceed to our E-bar install instructions.



You have successfully cut your handlebar down!

If you are still having trouble please email us at for help. Please include a detailed description of your issue, photos are often helpful.