OneUp Dropper Post Selector - Step 1

In a few short steps we can find you the perfect OneUp Dropper Post length. If you're tight on space, nobody can fit a longer dropper on your bike than us!

Note: The OneUp 160mm post is a OneUp 170mm post with a 10mm shim installed (available here). The OneUp 140mm post is a OneUp 150mm post with a 10mm shim installed. OneUp posts can be shimmed down by as much as 50mm.  If your ideal post is shimmed, purchase the size up and a OneUp shim pack.

Step 1 of 4

Find your current 125mm or 150mm post on the chart and choose the OneUp Post length you would like to run from the chart below.

The red lines illustrate and example where you currently have a Reverb 125x420 and want a OneUp 150mm Post.

My post has a '' next to it.  No need to go any further the post you want will fit. Visit the product page here to order
My post does NOT have a '' next to it.  No problem, we just need a few measurements. Click here
My current post is not listed. Click here

OneUp dropper selector length dimensions versus Reverb Transfer