OneUp Dropper Post Selector - Step 2


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Measure your current 'A' dimension (Seat clamp to underside of dropper collar).

OneUp Components Dropper Post Selector A dimension Collar to Collar

Compare your current 'A' dimension to the Low and High values of your preferred OneUp Post below:

ie. If you currently have a Reverb 125x420 and you want to run a OneUp 170x450 post compare your current 'A' to Low value of 17mm and high value 30mm (from the chart).  Is you current 'A' value below the low value, between the low and high or above the high value?

My 'A' is above the High value. Click here

My 'A' is between the Low value and High value. Click here

My 'A' is below the Low value.  Sorry your preferred OneUp post is too long for your bike. Pick a shorter OneUp post and repeat this step

OneUp dropper selector length dimensions versus Reverb Transfer