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Remove your old star-nut and tap the top of your steerer tube. This might sound daunting, but we've made it super easy to do on your bike, without even removing your fork.

  • Remove your bar and stem
  • Use the OneUp star-nut puller to remove your old star nut
  • Using the self aligning steerer tap kit, tap a thread into your steerer until the tap bottoms out.
SEE VIDEO and detailed instructions below. Please read entire instructions and consult your local bike shop if you are uncomfortable with performing the tapping procedure. 



    1. Put your bike in a stand with the front wheel resting on the floor. If you don't have a bike stand, ensure that your bike is securely supported.
    2. Remove your top cap, top cap/headset spacers, stem and handlebar leaving at least 40mm of exposed steerer.
    3. This would be a good time to shorten your steerer tube if you have excess length above your stem.  We recommend 5-10mm of steerer above the stem.
    4. Apply some grease to the inside of your steerer tube to make it easier to pull out your Star Nut
    5. Take the OneUp Star Nut Puller (short silver cylinder) and drop it over your steerer tube
    6. Using a 5mm hex, tighten the supplied star nut puller bolt to pull the star nut out of your steerer.
    7. Your star nut will either pull out as complete piece or the centre portion of the star nut will pull out leaving 2 star shaped pieces still in the steerer tube. If this happens, take a screwdriver and lightly tap one edge of the top star nut until it flips 90 degs and is easy to remove. Repeat for the second piece.


    1. Push a paper towel into the bottom of your steerer to plug the bottom of your fork. This protects your fork seals and stanchions from any aluminum chips created when you thread the steerer.
    2. Take the tap (threaded cutter piece) and put it inside the tap guide (long black tube piece), then take an 8mm Hex and push it through the hole in the tap that protrudes through the guide, this becomes your tap handle (think handle for turning a faucet).
    3. Grease the inside of the steerer, this makes it easier to cut the threads and will also help catch any falling chips.
    4. Place the tap assembly onto your steerer. The tap guide will automatically align the tap.
    5. To thread your steerer, turn the tap in the guide using the tap handle. 1/2 turn forward and 1/4 turn back, then repeat
    6. After 4 full turns, pour some chain lube or cutting fluid down one of the channels in your tap, this will make cutting the threads easier. Repeat this again after 8 turns of the tap.
    7. When you have threaded the full 8mm, the Tap Handle will bottom out on the guide and you will be unable to turn any further. The guide ensures you only ever tap to the exact depth necessary.
    8. Once you've bottomed out the tap, turn the tap handle counter-clockwise until the tap is free.
    9. Before removing the tap and guide assembly, wrap a paper towel around the top of your steerer to catch any chips that fall off the tap as you remove it.
    10. Hold a plastic bag under the steerer tube to catch any chips or debris. Take another paper towel and push it down through your newly threaded steerer using the 8mm hex. This removes all chips, and pushes out the first towel you used to plug the steerer in Step #2.
    11. Reinstall your lower headset spacers and put your stem back on. Do not tighten your stem bolts yet.


      The OneUp EDC Tap Kit includes: A Star Nut Puller / "Go No-Go" Gauge,Tap and Tap Guide. (A Tap is a common cutting tool used to manufacture/cut internal threads)

      All compatibility and fit determinations have been made solely by OneUp. Use of this or any other aftermarket product may void any warranty you have with the original part manufacturer.

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